Traveling, going on a ‘big’ holiday, gives you new energy and excitement, a break from your everyday routine. In the airport you feel free and ready to take on the world! LA is a destination magnet for anyone who enjoys fitness and a healthy lifestyle.


Air BnB gives great and affordable accommodation options for LA. The occupations of the Air BnB hosts are telling of the type of place you are about to visit. My Host was a documentary producer; other Hosts were personal trainers, yoga teachers, and even a stunts man. Santa Monica and Venice are great locations to choose as your base. You are by the beach for a nice temperature and can easily link to the wider city attraction points.

Check-in Bag

  • Summer Fitness clothes
  • Comfortable runners for site seeing and workouts
  • Stainless steal water bottle (500ml, & keeps water cold for 24hrs)
  • Back-pack

Carry-on Flight Bag

  • Roller-Skates/Blades (maybe too heavy for check-in bag)
  • Snacks
  • Fitness, Food, and Fashion magazines

Base location: Venice

Profile: Nice neighborhood, restaurants, grocery stores (stock up on healthy food for eating in meals and snacks), beach, stunning canal area, close to Santa Monica and public transport (bus, metro, Uber) for day trips

Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Begin by checking out your neighborhood. Abbot Kinney Boulevard is such a cool quarter in Venice- urban chic, graffiti, stylish boutiques, and restaurants. Being a vegetarian is still often viewed as unfavorable in many societies/by certain people. However here it is very much the norm, with many people having a vegan diet. Restaurants called Plant Food & Wine, Seed, Café Gratitude- food heaven! In Café Gratitude each order begins with “I am”, for example one main course, bean burger and chunky wedges, was called “I am… fabulous” other dishes included “I am… humble” an Indian Curry Bowl and many vegan desserts such as cheesecake. All the food was delicious.

Santa Monica and Venice Beach

A promenade runs the length of the beach and beyond. It is over run with fun fitness attractions, there are so many people skateboarding, roller-skating/blading, and cycling etc. Then there’s The Original Muscle Beach (a playground for fitness fanatics), located behind the famous ‘Hotel California’, which has a sign above the entrance that sums it up well “Surf, Skate, and Sleep”.

The Original Muscle Beach has a grass area, which people use to do handstands, yoga, Acro-Yoga, as well as lots of bars, rings, and ropes to do strength training on the sand. People of all age’s workout here and pack chalk for their day at the beach as commonly as sun cream. It’s visually a lovely location to workout in but it also has a great atmosphere, as people like to talk about fitness and give each other tips/assistance. A man training there, who was 65 years young, said that he spends 6 hours there each day, working towards “becoming an Olympian when he grows up”. He had a great mindset. That day he was working on his handstand on a mini wall. A girl similar age & fitness interests to me shared her fitness tips, chalk and bands.

There’s another area called Muscle Beach, this is an outdoor gym where mainly very muscly guys pose/workout. There isn’t much I’d recommend here only the pictures and references to the original body builders, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, are a point of interest.

Transport & Planning:

Don’t be afraid to take on LA by public transport, the urban sprawl has to be dissected but it’s part of the excitement and a good way to walk more rather than renting a car. Google maps & Uber are also welcome assists. Sometimes you hear people say they didn’t like LA as their holiday destination, but after a few questions the reason as to why tends to become clear. That is they didn’t plan their days/day trips and missed out on key attractions.

In order to not miss out on anything and to use each of your days to the max, plan what you would like to do in advance of your trip or spend one of your first evenings relaxing in the evening sun on the beach beside Santa Monica pier planning what you are going to do each day.


It’s nice to spend some days as beach days, which include workouts on the Original Muscle Beach and roller-skating along Santa Monica-Venice promenade or a relaxing rest day at the beach.

Other days it’s good to enjoy fitness through steps, whilst visiting the many other tourist attractions:

  • Trekking and enjoying the city views in the Hollywood hills up to the “Back of the Sign” and/or the Griffith Observatory
  • Beverley Hills- Rodeo Drive, Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel (as seen in Pretty Woman), sport cars, luxury shops, and mansions
  •  The Hollywood Walk of Fame, spend an evening after dinner strolling along the sidewalk finding the Stars of your favorite stars e.g. Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, Billy Joel
  • Universal Studios
  • The Getty Villa and Gardens
  • Venice to Malibu cycle
  • Starline Tours Beverly Hills/Malibu
  • TV show tickets
  • LA Galaxy Football match
  • Concert tickets
  • Sunset Boulevard comedy gig e.g. Joe Rogan
  • Exploring retro Diners
  • Shopping (The Grove, Santa Monica and Abbot Kinney Boulevard for small boutiques)
  •  Catalina Island (still on my to do list)

Enjoy LA and all it’s attractions to embody your fit and healthy lifestyle in a way that is creative, fun, and stylish.

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