Find out which morning person you are

We’ve all been told time and time again that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but why and what should we be eating?

First you need to identify which type of morning person you are.

Late riser or late beginner

The late riser has the best intention of getting up at a designated time but instead spends most of there time in bed before finally getting up. After they’ve hit snooze on their phone for the tenth time it’s then too late to grab breakfast. These morning people usually grab breakfast on the go choosing quick, sugary or salty options such as  ‘healthy’ breakfast bars, muffins, bacon and egg roll, sausage roll or banana bread. Another alternative is skipping breakfast and holding out until lunch time. The problem with this however, is when lunchtime rolls around you’re starving and opt for a big lunch throwing your metabolism out of sync.

To avoid this issue, if you have a kitchen in work try to stock the cupboard with quick oats or bread for the week so you can eat when you get in. If you don’t have the option of having breakfast at your desk you can prepare breakfast the night before and eat it on the train or bus. 

Cereal Kid 

The Cereal Kid covers a variety people, mostly students on a budget but I myself turn to cereal from time to time, mainly because its quick and there are so many varieties to choose from if you want to convince yourself its a quick and healthy start to the day.  Its like a treat in the morning, full of chocolate and sugar. Trouble is it only manages to fill you for an hour or so. Some people are so conditioned to having cereal every morning that they never consider anything else.

To beat the cycle, try eating oats which will fill you for longer. To avoid getting bored of eating the same thing I’d mix it up each day like adding almonds, rice syrup, walnuts, cacao, strawberries, banana and chia seeds. If you’re used to buying cereal and it works for you, It’s very important that you read the packaging and check its nutritional value.

Cereal Kid

Busy Mom/ New Yorker

If you’ve got a busy day ahead and don’t have one second to yourself you may be a busy mom or have a New Yorker lifestyle. Coffee is the Holy grail and you’re not yourself until you’ve had that cup of joe in the mornings. According to Wikipedia over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day. Coffee is fine each more as long as you’re combining it with the right foods that will keep you satisfied until lunch. Although coffee may give you that kick of energy in the morning, it only lasts a few hours. By mid morning you’ll find you’re energy levels have dropped and you start becoming fatigued, as well as that you start seeking another energy source to pick you back up again causing you to binge on high fat or sugary foods. 

Benefits to eating breakfast;

  • Keeping focused
  • Enhances your memory 
  • Prevents you from overeating 
  • High fibre foods can reduce fatigue
  • Enhances your mood 
  • Long term can reduce high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes 

Without sounding like a giant cliché – whatever your lifestyle, try and start your day the right way with a healthy and nutritious breakfast. 

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