1. It’s a Lifestyle Choice

A healthy diet and working out is a lifestyle choice for some people. For numerous different socio-economic and environmental reasons many people do not have the choice to enjoy such a luxury

2. You are Investing in You

You are investing in your body for you, no one else. This is not a commodity you can buy. If you could, I bet you’d pay a high price for the one you want. The result of training and eating well enables you to improve the functionality, appearance, and overall health of your body

3. It’s Money Well Spent

Healthy ingredients, supplements, gym membership, gym equipment, workout clothes etc. can all add up to a lot of expense, but if it’s important/fun to you, then be grateful you can afford it. If you have this type of lifestyle you are less likely to be spending lots of money on other things like alcohol and junk food. Investing in your health now can be a saving in the future in terms of preventative health

4. It’s Time Well Spent

Not everyone has the free time to experience a fun workout or prepare tasty nutrient rich meals as frequently or as good as they would like, for example due to long working hours or family commitments. If you have the opportunity embrace it

5. Healthy Food is Delicious

If food preparation time is not in abundance in your life, try and stick with your favorite foods that you can: have stocked up, in the freezer, cook quickly or eat raw. Just try and think across the different food groups- protein, fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates, and fats. Make a couple of diners/lunches at once, or have it ready the evening before. Don’t put pressure on yourself to make multiply ingredient fancy looking complicated dishes. You can do this when you have preparation time

6. It’s a Stress & Anxiety Buster

Working out and eating healthy reduces stress and anxiety. It’s not all about the physical appearance; one of the best benefits is how it makes you feel. That feeling you get when you switch off from your work or problems as you box a punching bag, take a spin class, lift weights, feel the fresh air on your face when you run etc. It increases the ‘happy’ hormones (endorphins, dopamine and serotonin), it gives you a ‘high’, you feel more energized, more confident, more creative, and it helps clear your mind of life’s everyday stresses or any other problems you may be experiencing

7. Knowledge is Power

As you become more knowledgeable on healthy eating and working out, it makes you appreciate your body as you understand what nurturing effects particular foods have on your body and you learn how your body feels and moves. When both your nutrition and body functionally are in sync, you are able to sense it and it feels amazing. When working out you may achieve a state of ‘flow’, a feeling of being focused, in the zone, and everything feeling on point

8. It’s Anti-Couch Potato Time

Time spent productively working out, prevents too much sitting on the couch and eating junk food time… No one ever regrets a workout when they are finished. Working out adds years to your life, and life to your years

9. Challenge is Achievement

Exercise changes you. Your diligence, consistency, and determination enable you to reach new fitness goals. Whether it be a press-up with a clap, increasing flexibility to touch your toes, maximizing your pull-ups, perfecting a headstand or the ability to jog or run at a certain speed or distance… the challenges you can set for yourself are endless. There is always another muscle to build, form to perfect, or race to run

10. Progress Takes Time

Anything worthwhile takes time. You won’t change from a fast paced walker to a sprinter over night or build strength after completing a few sets of weighted exercises now and again but with consistent effort over time you will see progress and feel proud. Striving for progress and achieving high performance will translate into you feeling more capable in other areas of your life

11. You Probably Need a Rest or Re-feed Day

It’s normal to feel like this now and again when your lifestyle involves workouts and healthy eating. Take a rest day, enjoy your time doing something else you enjoy (or you may need more than a day, if it’s been a while since you’ve had a break or a holiday), get some sleep and or eat what you want (the 80-20 rule!). Giving your body a rest and the extra calories from a re-feed day may actually act as a boost to your body in its pursuit to being strong and healthy

 12. You are in Control

Not everyone does what you do, just like not everybody feels the benefits that you do. Go easy on yourself and enjoy the ride

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