Coke Addict

Coke Addict

We all know that Coke is unhealthy. If you Google this topic, you’ll get articles such as “5 Reasons Why Coke Is Bad For Your Health”, “How Coca-Cola affects your body when you drink it”, “What Happens to our Body after Drinking Coca Cola”… etc. Coca Cola is one addiction, but there are plenty of other drinks with high sugar levels, artificial sweeteners, and other chemicals that are similarly as bad.

Some of these drinks are even worse because they come in packaging that aims to disguise them as healthy or less unhealthy even, like diet sodas, energy drinks, and even juices/smoothies. Therefore, it is vital to read the label ingredients. They are addictive and getting rid of this bad habit is not easy. So whatever your vice, … try and kick the habit. This will benefit your body in being fit and healthy.



Cordials & Soda Water


This gives both the fizz and the sweet taste.

Soda Water’s only ingredients are Carbonated Water and Sodium Bicarbonate. Typical Nutrition Values per 100ml are 0.0g for Energy/kcal, Fat, Carbohydrates/Sugar, and Protein, with only 0.02g of Salt.

With cordials, aim for the healthiest ingredients and use the least amount to satisfy your taste, with the majority of your drink being water. Many flavours of cordial are available in supermarkets Soda Water and lime is a common order in restaurant and bars.

Fruit and Herb Infused Water

Vitamin C Summer Products Closeup Drink Lemonade

This allows you to be creative, pick the flavor fruits and herbs you like e.g. strawberries, mint, kiwi. If you prepare them overnight the flavor will be stronger. For an instant drink, add citrus fruits for the strongest taste are the strongest.

Ice trays can be prepared with a mixture of water and fruit. Lemon and lime pieces are cheap and easy to come by and work great.

Hot Drinks


Warm water with a slice of lemon is fast becoming a popular drink first thing in the morning; it is a gentle way to wake up your metabolism and immune system.

With many herbal tea options available, such as green tea, white tea, ginger tea, and berry tea to name a few, each often offering different antioxidant benefits. They offer a flavoursome, warm option, throughout your day.



Plain and simple, as nature intended